Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quality Herbal | Palm Juice

Natural herbal remedies is one way to maintain the health of our bodies. with the right natural herbs and efficacious, then our body will be protected from various diseases and has high durability.

Indonesia has a diverse range of biological richness, of course, has many well-known herbs as well. This quality herbs known to have efficacy for treating various ailments or chronic diseases.

Some herbs also imported from other countries, including palm juice is imported from Arab countries. Efficacy of Sari Kurma believed to treat high blood pressure, migraines, ulcers, liver disease, asthma, flatulence, fever, colds, coughs, colds, prevent premature ejaculation, increase sexual desire, anti-cancer, stamina enhancer, heartburn, weakness, lethargic and others.

Herbal Berkualitas
Palm Juice | High Quality Herbal
In general, a date has rich nutrients, including phosphate, Boron, Pottasium and Calcium. Calcium and phostpate the human body is an essential component to regulate bone density, especially in children. In addition, iron is useful for the creation of hoemoglobin on red blood cells and prevent anemia, especially in pregnant women, there are many in the palm fruit. High energy levels on dates suitable to their athletes and heavy labor. In addition to the above substances, minerals and vitamins that humans need also contained in a date. 

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