Monday, September 12, 2011

Gygabite GA-X58A-OC

Gygabite GA-X58A-OC

Gygabite as a computer motherboard manufacturer to produce a newmotherboard that is specially made for overclockers. The product is named Gygabite GA-X58A-OC. before the product is released, Gygabite approach and research to the overclocking community, so that it can produce a motherboard that has a lot of overclocking features in accordance with the needs of the overclocker.

Gygabite GA-X58A-OC
Gygabite GA-X58A-OC has many features, including OCVRM which is a combination POScaps, 50A rated MPFC chokes, and driver-MOSFETs that deliver efficiency and low temperature on the CPU. There is also an OC-Touch feature that allows users to raise or lower the CPU ratio manually, then OC-PEG feature provides two onboard SATA connectors for PCIe power stability when using 4way or 3 way.

OC-Coool Features with LEDs and connectors 7x4 pin Smart Fan that allows the user to easily adjust the system temperature, as well asOC-DualBIOS features that give the BIOS switcher and an onboard LED indicator that allows the user to select a BIOS for normal use and a BIOS foroverclocking use .

Gygabite-X58A Motherboard GA-OC-based Intel X58 chipset and supports socket LGA 1366. This motherboard also supports triple channel DDR3 memory, has 6 Thread 12 CPU cores. Not forgetting the support for PCIeGen 2.0, 4-way CrossfireX and 3-way SLI.

if you are an overclocker and requires a motherboard that can support your hobby, then this motherboard may be a good choice.

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