Saturday, February 28, 2009

Canon PIXMA MX680 and PIXMA MX330

Canon PIXMA MX680 and PIXMA MX330-Printer Review

CANON PIXMA MX330Cannon announced the release of Their newest All In One printer, Canon PIXMA MX680 and PIXMA MX330, designed for business class home. Each printer has the ability to scan, fax and photocopy. for the PIXMA MX680, this printer has the ability to duplexing, the ability to copy, scan and print documents in two single-side page.

during the process of copying, the printer can also scan and print documents at the same time. This printer series is equipped with wi-fi connection and the ethernet port.

Canon MX680 printer has a high print resolution 9600 x 2400 dpi. the scanner optical resolution has a 2400 dpi, along with 2.5 inch LCD monitor to display various information.

while the Canon Pixma MX330 has a color LCD screen 1.8 inch and a maximum color resolution of 4800 x 2400 dpi and scanner optical resolution with 1200 dpi. CANON PIXMA MX680

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Panasonic toughbook 19 and Panasonic toughbook 30

Panasonic toughbook 19 and Panasonic toughbook 30-Laptop/Tablet PC Review

Panasonic toughbook 19 and Panasonic toughbook 30a wellknown Laptop product with a distinctive ability to stand on extreem environment.

Panasonic toughbook 19 is a Tablet PC with Intel Core 2 Duo Processor SU9300 1.2 Ghz with Intel Centrina 2 Technology with vPro. Panasonic toughbook 19 has a 10.4" touchscreen and 4 Gb DDR2 RAM Memory, Wifi connectifity 802.11 a/b/g/draft-n with Gobi 3G optional, HSPA EV-DO. We can choose storage media whether it SATA HArdisk 160 Gb or SSD 32 Gb.

while Panasonic toughbook 30 is a Intel Centrino 2 laptop with vPro, using Intel core 2 duo SL9300 1.6 Ghz, 13.3" Screen with almost same spesification with Panasonic toughbook 19.Panasonic toughbook 19 and Panasonic toughbook 30It's your choice to choose the right one for you, no matter what you choose, Panasonic thougbook series is a good product to use on Extreme Environment.

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INTEL ATOM N280-Processor Review

Intel atom logoIntel Atom N20 is ready to launch, we'll wait no longer for a better computing experience on netbook Platform. N280 works on 1,66 Ghz Clockspeed wih 2,5 watt power need.

combine with newest Intel GN40 Chipset that has Video Decoder integrated make this version is a better on Graphics Processing compare to 645GSE or Intel GM45.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


WD CAVIAR GREEN 2 TB-Hard Drive/Media Storage review

WD CAVIAR GREEN 2 TBGreen Technology, An Environment term eminence and energy saving become this product distinctive. WD Cavier green is a 2 Tera Byte Hardisk, claimed as the First Hardisk with this Capacity size. Using Platter Technology with 500 Gb per platter and 32 Mb Cache.

You can use this capacity for keeping 240 hours of HD Video or 500 Thousand MP3 music, so how many game will you install in to this Hardisk?

WD Cavia green use 40 % energy saving compare to others product, this is possible because of IntelliSeek and IntelliPower Technology., This Product use SATA Interface and become an Ideal for everyone who need a big place to save your file.


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XFX 9400 GT Fatal1ty

XFX 9400 GT Fatal1ty-Video Card/Graphic Card Review

XFX 9400 GT Fatal1tyDo you know Fatal1ty? yes, Fatal1ty is nickname of Jonathan Wendel a Profesional Gamer. Many computers product use his logo, omost of them are Motherboard and graphic card products.

If you're looking for Fatality GRAPHIC CARD with affordable price, you have to see this one.
XFX 9400 GT Fatal1ty, an nVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT with 512 Mb DDR2 memory. working with 128 bit memory bus, 550 Mhz clock speed and 1400 Mhz memory Clock speed.

  1. D-sub Connector
  2. DVI
  3. TV-Out
  4. Support Direct X 10
  5. Support nVidia PhysX

Sure this is not a High end Graphic card, but for a common user and gamer, this graphic Card work good. Especialy with Fatal1ty logo on it.

XFX 9400 GT Fatal1ty

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


MSI X58 PRO-Motherboard Review

MSI X58 PROAre you looking for a new motherboard for you computer? May be this one can be your choice.

An Intel X58 Based motherboard with affordable price, so Interesting. Yes, it's MSI X58 Pro. It uses Intel x58 chipset on northbridge, ICH10R on south bridge, I see a good Combination here. It support QPI (Quick Path Interconnect) with 6 slot for DDR3 memory module, three channel supported.

Another great features on MSI x58 Pro is, comes with second generation of DrMOS Chip and APS (Active Phase switching) technology. DrMOS Chip work to make the processor has right and stable power supply, also on Overclocking process, while APS optimize the need of power supply for chipset, processor, and memory so they will work more efficient.

Least but not last is the M-Flash that make BIOS Update from USB Flash Disk is Possible.

MSI X58 Pro is a worth to buy motherboard, with its affordable price, high technology and good Features reason.


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Thermaltake MeOrb

Thermaltake MeOrb-CPU Cooling Fan Review

Thermaltake MeOrb

Dear readers, Are you using a desktop PC and feel that your CPU cooler are so noisy? Yes, it is so anno

ying for me if I work on so noisy environment, especially if the noise come from my computer.

thermaltake as a cooler solution for a computer components are already well known all over the world. The newest product of thermaltake is a CPU cooler, thermaltake MeOrb.

It is a low profile CPU Cooler, with a compact design shape. It can be used on any standard PC case wit a wide variety of size. With only 47 mm high, it's become so good to use on any small form factor (SSF) motherboard.

With a 92 nm PWM fan, it works on 800-1700 rpm. Absolutely noise low friendly. The heat sink made from a combination of aluminum for fin and bronze for the base.

If you're a fan of termaltake product, this product is a good choice.

Best Regard.

Thermaltake MeOrb

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Monday, February 23, 2009


WINDOWS 7 UAC FIXED-Operating System News

WINDOWS 7 UAC FIXEDTo comply with windows user request, Microsoft said that they will change the User account control (UAC) procedure. They will give 2 major changes. First, control will work on high integrity process where elevation is needed. Second, chnge Level on UAC will need confirmation.

This change comes from user demand, base on assumption that UAC has a weak security hole. This feature comes on Vista first.

There were a lot of protests when Microsoft delete some confirmation feature of the UAC on Windows 7, User told Microsoft that UAC can easily be hacked.

For a better security issue, we request Microsoft to improve upon security issue. So we’ll feel much safer when using Windows on online act.



6 EDITIONS OF WINDOWS 7-Operating System Review

6 EDITIONS OF WINDOWS 7Microsoft announce their new Windows OS release, it’s Windows 7. This new version of Windows will come in 6 editions, Starter, Home Basic, Home premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate.

Every edition will support 32 and 64 bit and come in 34 Language to choose. Xp Users also have a choice to Upgrade to Windows 7 but with a reinstall option because of Windows Display Driver Model issue. This procedure is not necessary if you upgrade from Vista.

Starter edition are segmented for netbook User, Home Basic for under developed country with minimalist function. Just a prediction, it seems most Users will use Home Premium with multimedia features.

Windows 7 will support virtualization feature, direct access and applocker. Ultimate edition has most complete features.

For us as WINDOWS user, it’s great to have the newest version of Windows OS, as a major Operating system that widely use al over the word, windows will make our computing word even better.

is it our future computer's Operating System? maybe.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


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Video Card/Graphic Card news

INTEL GRAPHIC PROCESSOR ON SONY PLAYSTATION 4?Rumor said that Sony disappointed about their nVIDIA graphic processor on Sony Playstation 3 Console. Much information said that Sony will use Intel Graphic processor on their next Sony Playstation console.

As we know, financially Intel is bigger than nVidia and they have Larabee, a newest Graphic architecture base on x86 core processor. It seems like NVIDIA have to break all the fail and show that they deserve to take the lead.

I don’t see the reason why Sony has to do it? As a gamer, I think Sony Playstation 3 is doing well; the graphic is superior, what else we want?PLAYSTATION 3

On other side, Microsoft’s Xbox will no longer use nVIDIA and begin to ask ATi to make their new graphical processor for their next console, same as Nintendo Wii.

It seems nVIDIA have to learn more and creatively make a new effort on making a better product.

It’s still a rumor, we’ll see the result.

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