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EDIFIER S550 - 5.1 SPEAKER REVIEWReleased by Edifier, this is the Signature Series. Come from abbreviation of the product code, and is intended for gamers.

Speaker design in general is still the standard; this is indicated by the type of satellite design with two way system that was built from the driver dome tweeter and midrange.

While the design for the subwoofer, this product has a unique design and made Edifier S550 as a high end speaker.

Subwoofer unit configured to use 3 drivers at the same time, the main one and two more on the left and the right enclosure.

Enclosure design is its own type called SEALED (Without port hole as in the bass reflex speaker), but the fact that the two drivers in the left side and right side is the driver that is not equipped with passive magnetic unit as a normal speaker, so it will not have electric audio signal, this feature is referred to as a passive radiator.

All the control is on the remote control, for both types of wireless or wired. The qualities of audio produced by this speaker truly extraordinary, for both types of hard and soft music are all well performed.


  • Speaker system 5.1 System
  • Power Rating 300 watts RMS Total
  • Signal to Noise Ratio >85db
  • Satellite amp power 32 watt
  • Satellite driver 3.5” Midrange +1” Silk dome tweeter Driver
  • Low-range amp power 120 watt
  • Subwoofer driver 10” Firing woofer driver + 2Xpassive radiator

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