Thursday, May 28, 2009

Painkiller: Resurrection - PC Game Review

Painkiller: Resurrection

This PC game is a PC game with the First Person Shooting (FPS) genre such as DOOM and Quake, the gameplay style of play adopted a lot of those games.

Here, you play the main character named Wild Bill Sherman, a secret CIA agent who worked to implement the dangerous tasks.

Painkiller: ResurrectionThe establishment of the Games showed bill planting a car bomb on a parked car in front of the church, when the target appeared, a school bus came running slow and approaching the target car. Bill then ran and cried out to warn against the bus, but too late, bomb explosion destroyed the bus and its contents.

Game starts, and Bill is in the area similar to the original venue with the Horor atmosphere.

Painkiller: Resurrection
Your task is to know where you are now and attempt to flee.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Virtua Tennis 2009

Virtua Tennis 2009

Virtua Tennis has a 2009 World Tour mode and online ranking system that is integrated. Davis Cup is the international event in the world of tennis will appear in this game.

Some of the improvements we will get in this game in the style of these games, such as Serving made more sensitive so it requires more expertise to do so.

The field can be viewed from various angles with more flexibility. More enhanced level of detail not only on the texture of the field but also on elements such as the audience will become more vocal and active.

Angle camera baruj uga allows you to see the arena and games from many different sides, even from the distance and near low.

Serealistis all elements may be created to create a striking atmosphere of the game.

Minimum specifications:

Windows XP / Vista
Pentium 4 Processor P 92.8 @ 2.4 GHz for Vista)
Memory 1 GB
Video Memory 128 MB
Direct X Compatible Soundcard
Direct X 9.0c / 10
Gebre: Sport
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Microsoft Sidewinder X3-Gaming Mouse Review
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Microsoft Sidewinder X3

Microsoft Sidewinder X3

Microsoft Sidewinder X3 Gaming Mouse is intended for gamers who need a gaming mouse with economical prices.

This mouse has a maximum sensitivity to 2000 dots-per-inch (dpi), the mouse sensitivity can also be easily arranged with the help of a key is indicated in accordance with the indicators led to the level of sensitivity.

Microsoft Sidewinder X3 has five buttons that can be programmed along with the Intellipoint software to create a macro that can be run easily through the key shortcuts are available.


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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BenQ Joybee GP1

BenQ Joybee GP1 is a mini projector without Lamp and only uses LED technology and can be activated without having to connect to the computer.

This tiny projector weighing just 640 grams and comes with many interesting features to support various multimedia applications such as video, photos, game consoles and home video.

BenQ Joybee GP1 can also be associated with a variety of digital devices, such as external high definition devices, digital cameras, personal multimedia player, PDA, iPOD, iPhone and smartphone.

Projector with the plug n 'play is easy to take and where to go-can display images or video files by entering the USB Flash Drive.

BenQ Joybee GP1 is get RoHS, WEEE and EuP certified and claimed can do energy saving.


LG W53 SMART - Computer Monitor Review
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Monday, May 18, 2009

LG W53 SMART -Computer Monitor Review


LG released the latest series monitor LG W53 Smart Monitors that have technology with high image quality without making the eyes tired.

This monitor has Auto Brightness to set the brightness level on the minimum light situation automatically.

SMART feature is based on Unified Glare Rating (UGR) recommended by the International Commission on illumination to ensure comfort at the time of viewing the images.

Other feature is the Cinema Mode which is able to eliminate all interference when view the Video Online.

SMART LG W53 comes with a selection of sizes, ranging from 18.5 inches to 27 inches. Monitor the size above 21.5 inches has a resolution 1920x1080p (Full HD) 16:9 aspect ratio and has a contrast ratio up to 50,000:1 and response time 2 ms.


Nikon D5000-DSLR Camera Review
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nikon D5000-DSLR Camera Review

Nikon D5000

Nikon D5000 is the first DSLR camera that uses the LCD screen that can be rotated (swivel), this feature is very useful for shooting angles that are difficult to reach and also supports Live View features.

The camera is also capable of Video recording with sound that has a resolution of 720p and the results can be seen on other devices using the HD-MI Output.

Nikon D5000 Nikon D5000

Nikon D5000 has a sensor with 12.3 megapixel resolution and has been increased in light sensitivity. Nikon D5000 ISO sensitivity reaching ISO 3200 in normal shooting and ISO 6400 in extended mode.

Auto Focus point was added to 11 point and features 3D tracking to focus on the ease of moving objects.

Nikon D5000 equipped with automatic eraser dust features on the lens and the Active D-Lighting features which helps to provide detail on the shadow and light over the image.


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Saturday, May 16, 2009

ASUS P SERIES -Anti Theft Technology


ASUS P SERIESFor notebook users who want the security of data stored in it can use the Asus P Series that features the Intel Anti Theft technolgy.

This feature is implemented on the Asus P30 and P80, at a time when you lost stolen notebook, you can give commands from the remote to your notebook so that the data stored therein can not be accessed by the person who is not responsible.

No detail information about the process of securing data, but there is information that says that this feature is not hardware-based software.


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Friday, May 15, 2009

ACER ASPIRE 8935 - Notebook Review


Acer Aspire 8935 is a notebook designed for users to indulge in enjoying the entertainment with Full HD display. This notebook offers a high specification and has a 18.4 inches screen size.

Acer Aspire 8935 processor using the Intel Core 2 Duo supports the use of memory DDR3 SO-DIMM up to 4 GB, also support data storage media with capacities up to 1 TB, this notebook also have Blu-ray optical disc writer drive / DVD SuperMulti double-layer combo.

Graphic controller used is discrete Ati Mobility Radeon HD 4670, for connectivity, this notebook has almost all the necessary conectivity.


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

ECS 9600 GTE & 9800 GTE

ECS 9600 GTE & 9800 GTE

ECS 9600 GTE & 9800 GTE are ECS graphic cards, both uses Enduring Design, a technology that is claimed by manufacturers to perform more reliable than previous versions.

ECS Enduring Design uses a metal plate so that the graphic card will not be able to bend and reduce power consumption up to 40%.

ECS 9600 GTE & GTE 9800 using thermal MX-2 paste and Cooling solution from Arctic Cooling, capable of making it on ideal temperature when operate and have minimal noise level, only 19.6 db.

ECS 9600-GTE M-1 GMU memory using 1 GB of GDDR3 work on a 1800 MHz memory clock and 550 MHz clock core while ECS 9800-GTE N9600GTE F 1 GMU-clock work at 600 MHz.


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Acer AspireRevo-Review
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009



ACER ASPIREREVOAcer AspireRevo is a nettop that using Intel Atom processor and uses the nVIDIA chipset with integrated GeForce 6400M graphics controller and known by the name of nVIDIA Ion.

This product promises performance graphics capability better than nettop platforms that use Intel 645 GSE chipset, this product also promises support for windows vista and windows7.

Acer AspireRevo using the Intel Atom 230 processor (1.6 GHz) or can use the Intel Atom 330 processor with the same Clock speed, but has a greater L2 cache.

GeForce 6400 chipset used on this product supports the use of HD and can play some latest games with a limited resolution, and can install DDR2 RAM with a capacity of up to 4 GB.

This Nettop has dimensions of 180.3 x 30.5 mm. so we can only just install a hard drive or an SSD in it.

ACER ASPIREREVOEquipped with HDMI-port outpout, which can act as DVI-output using the adapter, so that makes it easy to connect to TV or LCD monitor that supports.

For connectivity, Acer AspireRevo has Gigabit LAN, Wi-fi 802.11 b / g / draft-n.


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Monday, May 11, 2009



NEWEST EVERCOOL CPU COLLEREVERCOOL C101-9525EP is the latest CPU coller from Evercool, intended for use on the Intel Core i7 processor. Ability and the appearance do not vary much with the CPU Intel Standard coller.

Evercool HPK-10025EA already using four direct touch heatpipe with a maximum level of heat release from the Processor to Fin.

Other Product is Evercool HPF17-10025 has dimensions 110x72x143 mm higher than the CPU coller Intel Core i7 Intel-made standard. And equipped with a fan size of 10 mm.

Last is Evercool HPJ-12025 with the code name of Transformer 4, this product uses 4 pieces heatpipe diameter 8 mm and allows to install 2 pieces of 120 mm diameter fan.


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Friday, May 8, 2009

DFI Blood Iron P45 P45-T2RS

DFI Blood Iron P45 P45-T2RSDFI Blood Iron P45 P45-T2RS Elite motherboard is a DFI motherboard product which is a refinement of the initial version of this product.

Some improvement is made in the PCB design, the use of CHIP for network and this product supports the use of processor Intel Core 2 Duo and Quad with FSB 1333 MHz.

DFI Blood Iron P45 P45-T2RS Elite suitable to be used by overclockers even this product claimed capable of overclocking processor with 600 MHz FSB reached.

Motherboard with the estimated maximum capacity will be present with the price below the average.


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Chipset nVIDIA nForce 980a SLI

Chipset nVIDIA nForce 980a SLI

Chipset nVIDIA nForce 980a SLI
NVIDIA finally officially introduced chipset nVIDIA nForce 980a SLI that can be used with the AMD processor for socket AM2, AM2 + and AM3.

chipset nVIDIA nForce 980a SLI supports the use of DDR2 and DDR3 RAM, support 3-way SLI and Quad SLI configuration, these products also have an integrated graphics controller, it is GeForce 8300 IGP.

Chipset nVIDIA nForce 980a SLI available for new AMD Processor and Intel Processor to follow.


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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Award From My Friends

Thank you my friends, even though I was a new blogger, now I've so many friends.
friends who care for me, and give respect for me.

Concern about this, my friends give me award, and after so long delayed I can finally pick up this award and give this to my friends that I respect and esteem so much..

The first task came from BROCKBOX7

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Second come from HAPIA

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The fourth task Came from Fajar Design

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