Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Sonic Gear TATTOO DUO 2 2.1 Speaker Review

Sonic Gear TATTOO DUO 2 REVIEW - 2.1 SPEAKERMultimedia Speaker 2.1 out of simple Configured with Sonic Gear Double Pronsip. This is shown in the Unit Subwoofer using two drivers at once.

This product named Tattoo duo 2 , the design showed dual driver subwoofer. In fact this is not special, sonic gear only mention that the benefits of this is dual-channel bass amplifier.

The maximum level of audio from the two tiny drivers, reached by synchronizing the bass reflex features.

Sonic Gear TATTOO 2 DUO design, use satellite configuration with the two way system. Using a full-range driver and tweeter for handling the specific frequency up.

Power Implementation is big enough, but even so this product remains powerful. System control is centered in the subwoofer unit with control for volume, bass and treble. Drivers are already using Magnetic shield so there is no problem when placed near your monitor.

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Specification :

Speaker system : 2.1 Analog speaker

Power rating : 40 Watts RMS

Signal-to-noise-ratio : >80 db

Overall frequency response : 40 Hz-20 Khz

Satelite amp Power : 7.5 watt

Satellite driver : 3” fullrange + 1” Tweeter diver

Satelite dimension : 96x110x170(WxDxH) mm

Low-range amp power : 25 watt

Subwoffer driver : 2x4” Front Firing mid-bass driver

Subwoffer dimension : 280x235x165 (WxDxH) mm

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