Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cooler master power 700 W LAN Review

Cooler master power 700 W LAN

Power Over Ethernet (Poe) Technology has been introduced despite continued and developed, but not gain any popularity like the other ethernet connectivity or wi-fi connectivity.

Cooler Master introduced a prototype of Power Supply Unit (PSU) which was introduced at the Computex event that has a power supply capability of 700 W and certification to meet 80 plus.

Support for integrated PoE technology in this power supply product unit is able to make it connect to the available PoE network.

PSU is equipped with a RJ45 connector port for connecting directly to the LAN connector on the motherboard.

PoE technology available on the Cooler Master 700 W power LAN can transfer at speeds up to 200 Mbps.



  1. mantab kali kang,satu lagi inovasi buat kita biar tambah mantab lagi dalam membuat koneksi jaringan LAN,salam hangat

  2. @Meryl, thanks :)
    @Prashant, you're welcome :)
    @Imam, Tetap semangat!