Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Supermicro SC 847A - An Enterprise Computing Solution

How are you friend? long time no see, this time I'm back to share information about the latest news in the field of information technology.

Super Micro Computer, a well known company in delivering enterprise computing solutions, especially for the use of the data center.

The company recently introduced a data storage product with a new approach.

This product is named Supermicro SC847A, 4U size with a total of 3.5 inch drive bays for hard drives hot swap as much as 36 units.

From the Drive the total of 36 drive bays available, 24 is in the front and the remaining 12 are located behind. the amount of drivebay offered by these products would be attractive solution for the data center where savings is the reason.

beside of the number of drive bays, Supermicro SC847A has platinum level of redundant power supply with the level of efficiency not less than 94%.

Supermicro SC847A also can handle up to 7 low profile add on cards. To ensure a fast interconnection, this product uses the SAS interface on each Hard Drive.

more info @ Supermicro.com

Kang Tatang

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  1. With as many options as there are out there for data storage, what makes this one the superior choice? I'm not actually familiar with the company itself, but I am intrigued by the idea of 36 drives being attached in one unit. And what's the cost of something like this?

  2. Andrew, the basic idea is to have more room for attaching hard drive which make a lot more of space. other manufacturer may have a better product. and it cost a lot of bucks for sure :)