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JAPAN TSUNAMI- 11 March 2011

JAPAN TSUNAMI- 11 March 2011

A massive earthquake measuring 8.9 hit northeastern Japan, on Friday afternoon, and caused many casualties, fires, and tsunamis around 4 meters along the coast of the country. NHK television reported, and witnesses.

After a quake measuring 8.9 Richter, there are also a number of strong aftershocks and triggered tsunami warnings as high as 10 meters. The quake caused buildings shook in the capital Tokyo.

Television pictures showed the brunt of flood debris of the building. NHK television showed flames and black smoke billowing from a building in Odaiba, Tokyo suburb. Fast train north of the country that was terminated.
Black smoke is rising from the industrial park in Yokohama area Isogo. Television footage showed the boat, car and truck floating in the water after the tsunami hit the town in northern Japan Kamaichi. A bridge, its location is unknown, appears to have collapsed into the water. Kyodo said there were reports of fires in the city of Sendai in northeastern.

"The building shook for what seemed a long time and many people in the newsroom took their helmets and some got under the table," said Reuters correspondent, Linda Sieg, in Tokyo. "Maybe this is the worst earthquake I have felt since I came to Japan more than 20 years ago." The passengers on the subway line in Tokyo scream. Goncangannya very strong and very difficult for people to remain standing, "said Reuters correspondent, Mariko Katsumura.

Hundreds of office workers and shoppers spilled into the street in shopping centers Hitotsugi in Akasaka, central Tokyo.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) had earlier stated that the quake measuring 7.9 and centered at a depth of 24.3 km about 130 km east of Sendai, on the main island of Honshu. However, the agency later said the quake measuring 8.9.

Pacific coast in northeastern Japan, called Sanriku, has suffered from the earthquake and tsunami in the past. Last Wednesday, the area was hit by an earthquake measuring 7.2 magnitude. In 1933, an earthquake measuring 8.1 Richter in the area killed more than 3,000 people.

Earthquakes are common in Japan, one of the most seismically active regions in the world. About 20 percent of an earthquake measuring 6.0 magnitude or more occurred in Japan.

Let's pray for the victim....

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