Tuesday, August 9, 2011

HP Envy 14 - Sandy Bridge Laptop

HP Envy 14 - Sandy Bridge Laptop

This is a good Laptop for you, if you're planning to buy a new laptop for you HP Envy 14 - Sandy Bridge Laptop could be your choice.

The Design of HP Envy 14's lid and frame are constructed of cool, sturdy aluminum. The lid and palm rest feature the same laser-etched pattern used on previous models of the Envy, such as the HP Envy 14-1210NR. Up close, the decorative imprint appears random, but step back and it takes on a paisley-like swirling pattern. The Envy 14 measures 1.18 by 14.01 by 9.33 inches (HWD), but it's surprisingly heavier than most 14-inch laptops, weighing 5.52 pounds, here's a 14.5-inch widescreen on the Envy 14.

HP Envy 14 - Sandy Bridge Laptop
The Envy 14 has a full-size chiclet keyboard that offers typing that's both comfortable and quiet. In addition, the cool backlighting beneath the black tile keys will be a boon to anyone who frequently types in darker rooms. The HP Envy 14 also benefits from a revamped clickpad, which improves upon the error-prone models found in previous HP laptops. The new design has a subtle ridge separating the touchpad from the integrated right and left mouse buttons, reducing the possibility of a stray thumb registering as a second fingertip. The clickpad's multitouch support was responsive and error-free with every scroll, swipe, and zoom.

Representing a strong step forward from the HP Envy 14-1210NR, the new Envy 14 (Sandy Bridge) is equipped with a 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5-2410M processor and 6GB of RAM. Though they share the same CPU, the HP Envy 14 performed a bit slower than its counterparts on our PCMark 7 full-system benchmark test, earning a score of 2,009. The Sony VAIO VPC-EG16FM and Asus U46E-BAL5 achieved scores that were 154 and 206 points higher, respectively. The HP did outperform the Samsung QX411-W01, however—that laptop scored 1,848 points using the same processor. In our CineBench R11.5 processor speed test, the Envy fell behind all three with its score of 2.24 (the Sony's score was 2.60, the Asus' was 2.59, and the Samsung's was 2.56).

General Purpose
Processor Name
Intel Core i5-2410M
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Processor Speed
2.3 GHz
6 GB
5.52 lb
Screen Size
14.5 inches
Screen Size Type
Graphics Card
Intel HD Graphics 3000
2nd Graphics Card
AMD Radeon HD 6330M
Storage Capacity (as Tested)
750 GB
Networking Options
Primary Optical Drive
Dual-Layer DVD+/-RW

Source : www.pcmag.com

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