Tuesday, February 24, 2009


MSI X58 PRO-Motherboard Review

MSI X58 PROAre you looking for a new motherboard for you computer? May be this one can be your choice.

An Intel X58 Based motherboard with affordable price, so Interesting. Yes, it's MSI X58 Pro. It uses Intel x58 chipset on northbridge, ICH10R on south bridge, I see a good Combination here. It support QPI (Quick Path Interconnect) with 6 slot for DDR3 memory module, three channel supported.

Another great features on MSI x58 Pro is, comes with second generation of DrMOS Chip and APS (Active Phase switching) technology. DrMOS Chip work to make the processor has right and stable power supply, also on Overclocking process, while APS optimize the need of power supply for chipset, processor, and memory so they will work more efficient.

Least but not last is the M-Flash that make BIOS Update from USB Flash Disk is Possible.

MSI X58 Pro is a worth to buy motherboard, with its affordable price, high technology and good Features reason.


More Info : www.msi.eu

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