Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thermaltake MeOrb

Thermaltake MeOrb-CPU Cooling Fan Review

Thermaltake MeOrb

Dear readers, Are you using a desktop PC and feel that your CPU cooler are so noisy? Yes, it is so anno

ying for me if I work on so noisy environment, especially if the noise come from my computer.

thermaltake as a cooler solution for a computer components are already well known all over the world. The newest product of thermaltake is a CPU cooler, thermaltake MeOrb.

It is a low profile CPU Cooler, with a compact design shape. It can be used on any standard PC case wit a wide variety of size. With only 47 mm high, it's become so good to use on any small form factor (SSF) motherboard.

With a 92 nm PWM fan, it works on 800-1700 rpm. Absolutely noise low friendly. The heat sink made from a combination of aluminum for fin and bronze for the base.

If you're a fan of termaltake product, this product is a good choice.

Best Regard.

Thermaltake MeOrb

More Info : http://www.thermaltake.com

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