Tuesday, May 12, 2009



ACER ASPIREREVOAcer AspireRevo is a nettop that using Intel Atom processor and uses the nVIDIA chipset with integrated GeForce 6400M graphics controller and known by the name of nVIDIA Ion.

This product promises performance graphics capability better than nettop platforms that use Intel 645 GSE chipset, this product also promises support for windows vista and windows7.

Acer AspireRevo using the Intel Atom 230 processor (1.6 GHz) or can use the Intel Atom 330 processor with the same Clock speed, but has a greater L2 cache.

GeForce 6400 chipset used on this product supports the use of HD and can play some latest games with a limited resolution, and can install DDR2 RAM with a capacity of up to 4 GB.

This Nettop has dimensions of 180.3 x 30.5 mm. so we can only just install a hard drive or an SSD in it.

ACER ASPIREREVOEquipped with HDMI-port outpout, which can act as DVI-output using the adapter, so that makes it easy to connect to TV or LCD monitor that supports.

For connectivity, Acer AspireRevo has Gigabit LAN, Wi-fi 802.11 b / g / draft-n.

More info@accer.com

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  1. wah....compi baru...asik juga klo sa puna....sayang nya budget cuma cukup wat..beli satu persatu hardware..kkkkkkkkk

  2. Weuh masih habat kalo bisa built satu-satu :)
    sayahmah masih dalam khayalan :)

  3. nice computer...but it will better if linux inside there...