Thursday, May 7, 2009

What Inside Intel Atom Z550 And Intel Atom Z515

What Inside Intel Atom Z550 And Intel Atom Z515

Atom Z550 And Intel Atom Z515In order to welcome the birth of the first Intel Atom, Intel releases the Intel AtomZ550 and Intel Atom Z515.

Processor Intel Atom Z550 working at 2 GHz clock, this is the fastest Intel Atom clock speed at this time. This product is also equipped with Hyper threading features.

Meanwhile, Intel Atom Z515 working in the 1.2 GHz clock, and do not have Hyper threading feature, this product is intended for optimal power consumption with the support burst Performance Technology that is able to adjust the processor clock frequency in accordance with the work load when the processor operates.

Atom Z550 Intel and Intel Atom Z515 are made with the 45 nm architecture equipped with 512 Kb cache and 533 MHz FSB.

Processor Intel Atom Z550 is intended to be used on netbook or nettop while Intel Atom Z515 is for the use of Mobile Internet Device (MID)


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