Thursday, May 21, 2009

Virtua Tennis 2009

Virtua Tennis 2009

Virtua Tennis has a 2009 World Tour mode and online ranking system that is integrated. Davis Cup is the international event in the world of tennis will appear in this game.

Some of the improvements we will get in this game in the style of these games, such as Serving made more sensitive so it requires more expertise to do so.

The field can be viewed from various angles with more flexibility. More enhanced level of detail not only on the texture of the field but also on elements such as the audience will become more vocal and active.

Angle camera baruj uga allows you to see the arena and games from many different sides, even from the distance and near low.

Serealistis all elements may be created to create a striking atmosphere of the game.

Minimum specifications:

Windows XP / Vista
Pentium 4 Processor P 92.8 @ 2.4 GHz for Vista)
Memory 1 GB
Video Memory 128 MB
Direct X Compatible Soundcard
Direct X 9.0c / 10
Gebre: Sport
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  1. wawa gamenya bagus tuh kang,buat semua sobat yang suka ngegame pasti makin suka dengan adanya game baru ini,mantab,salam

  2. wah game yang bagus, tapi komputer saya pasti njerit2 deh kalo aku instal itu...hi3. komputer jadul seh

  3. Komputer saya juga sama ngejerit :) duh mesti nabung dulu sebelum kebeli spek yang memadai :))

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  7. @ Merryl, Thank you my dear friend :)

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