Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aopen XC Encore OE700 -Mini Barbone Review

Aopen XC Encore OE700

Long-outstanding issue of the new Mini Barbone produced specifically for Home Theater PC (HTPC) that will be made by Aopen.

Aopen XC Encore OE700 is a mini barbone with the size of a very brief, only have the dimensions 200x321x106 mm with a 4 kg weight makes it very ideal to be placed anywhere.

This product also has a design which makes it able to work with low noise level.

Aopen XC Encore OE700 Motherboard using the Intel GM45 chipset supports the use of mobile processor Intel Core 2 Duo and the GMA X4500 graphic controller.

This Mini Barebone is also equipped with a Power supply unit (PSU) which has 135 watts capacity and equipped with LCD dot matrix display that pretty important indicator to show when performing multimedia functions, receive FM radio broadcast or during the burning CD / DVD.

More info @ http://aopen.com.tw

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