Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nikon D5000-DSLR Camera Review

Nikon D5000

Nikon D5000 is the first DSLR camera that uses the LCD screen that can be rotated (swivel), this feature is very useful for shooting angles that are difficult to reach and also supports Live View features.

The camera is also capable of Video recording with sound that has a resolution of 720p and the results can be seen on other devices using the HD-MI Output.

Nikon D5000 Nikon D5000

Nikon D5000 has a sensor with 12.3 megapixel resolution and has been increased in light sensitivity. Nikon D5000 ISO sensitivity reaching ISO 3200 in normal shooting and ISO 6400 in extended mode.

Auto Focus point was added to 11 point and features 3D tracking to focus on the ease of moving objects.

Nikon D5000 equipped with automatic eraser dust features on the lens and the Active D-Lighting features which helps to provide detail on the shadow and light over the image.


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  1. harganya kok nggak dicantumin sekalian kang ?
    aku lagi nyari kamera nih....tapi mungkin second aja soale kantong tipis he he he

  2. iya betull.harganya kira2 berapa?
    pengen banget neh punya DSLR

  3. Oke lah.... nanti saya cantumkan juga harganya :)

    cuma harganya tiap teritori beda trus fluktuatif tergantung niali dollar :)

  4. Great Camera. If you are new to the DSLR game (like myself) or you are upgrading and you can fork up the cash, it is definitely worth it.