Thursday, May 14, 2009

ECS 9600 GTE & 9800 GTE

ECS 9600 GTE & 9800 GTE

ECS 9600 GTE & 9800 GTE are ECS graphic cards, both uses Enduring Design, a technology that is claimed by manufacturers to perform more reliable than previous versions.

ECS Enduring Design uses a metal plate so that the graphic card will not be able to bend and reduce power consumption up to 40%.

ECS 9600 GTE & GTE 9800 using thermal MX-2 paste and Cooling solution from Arctic Cooling, capable of making it on ideal temperature when operate and have minimal noise level, only 19.6 db.

ECS 9600-GTE M-1 GMU memory using 1 GB of GDDR3 work on a 1800 MHz memory clock and 550 MHz clock core while ECS 9800-GTE N9600GTE F 1 GMU-clock work at 600 MHz.


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  1. waaa....vga.....buat para gamers nih....harganya brp y..

  2. Hem..utuk harga fluktuatif, mengikuti nilai dollar :)

    hi..hi.... jadi gak pernah disertakan harganya disini.