Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Drakensang: The Dark Eye

Drakensang: The Dark Eye-PC Game Review

Drakensang: The Dark EyeDrakensang: The Dark Eye, RPG Game from Radon Lab developed by taking game system, and the best features from various PC games top RPG. The story focus like Baldur's gate games, detail in the games more alike elder Scrolls game series and others.

After the establishment of the game that is designed with cinematic, the free to select a large number of characters with various types. Ranging from underhanded thief, trough the Strongest soldier. You will have some skill with a large number of developing in the game. You can sow wild plants that can be used as a poison, the animal you have killed as material for a variety of tools, or start a conversation with other characters for information.

There are many skills for each character that provides direct benefits for the players. Items that you get during the game also have specific steps to use more. For example, if you found a sword, you can find a good Sword Intructor, and pay them to teach you how to use these weapons.

Minimum Specification :
Windows XP/Vista
Pentium 4 @ 2.4 Ghz
Ram 1 Ghz
nVIDIA Gforce 6 series / ATI 1300XT
Soundcard DirectX

More info : www.drakensang.com/index_en.htm

Drakensang: The Dark Eye

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