Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gecube HD4670 - GC-AHD4670XTG3-E3

Gecube HD4670 - GC-AHD4670XTG3-E3-Video Card/Graphic Card Review

Gecube HD4670 - GC-AHD4670XTG3-E3Gecube present with their latest graphics processor, the HD4670 Gecube - GC-AHD4670XTG3-E3. this Radeon HD4600 series products does not use the reference PCB as other Manufacture do, only the GPU and memory clock are still using the standards of AMD.

Gecube HD4670 - GC-E3-AHD4670XTG3 solutions using dual slot heatsinks Fan of thick aluminum fin-shaped. With this aluminum, the heat can be reduced until reach 48 ° C at full load. And even the fan rotation so silent, at full load.

This product is equipped with a fairly complete interconnection, such as display and HDMI port, and connect to standard DVI and VGA. The lack is the sales package given, not even manual book is included.

Although the sales package that included feel less, Gecube HD4670 - GC-E3-AHD4670XTG3 still give a performance worthy to be purchased.

GPU (Graphic Processor Unit) : AMD ATI RADEON HD 4670

RAM Capacity : 512 Mb / GDDR3 128-bit Samsung 1ns

Core Clock : 750 Mhz

Interface Connector PCI Express x16

Gecube HD4670 - GC-AHD4670XTG3-E3

More Info @ www.gecube.com

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