Saturday, March 7, 2009

Samsung Low Power 4 Gb DDR3

Samsung Low Power 4 Gb DDR3-Memory Card Review

Samsung Low Power 4 Gb DDR3DDR3 ram is used more and more and many have begun to be developed by the Famous memory chip manufacturer. One of them is Samsung, which introduced the DRAM Chip Low Power 4GB DDR3.

This Memory card is claimed by samsung as the first DDR3 DRAM chip with a capacity of 4 GB requires a portion of power is lower than similar products available.

DDR3 DRAM CHIP newly introduced by this samsung can work on the voltage Vdimm only 1:35 Volt, the DRAM Chip with the capacity and energy needs is simply ideal for a server environment-friendly.

DDR3 DRAM CHIP is able to become a product-chip 16 Gb RDIMM (registered dual in-line memory modules) or can be produced with the RAM memory capacity of 8 Gb for the small outline DIMM (SO-DIMM) that is used on the laptop.

or apply the packaging with dual-die technology, RAM capacity can provide twice the capacity of it.

Although only 20 percent voltage lower than 1.5 volt DDR3, he was able to give maximum speed at 1.6 Gb per second (Gbps).

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