Wednesday, March 25, 2009


SIS LINKVAST LVT280 & LVT815-Motherboard's Chipset Review

SIS LINKVAST LVT280 & LVT815 REVIEWSis has been known as one of the producers for the motherboard chipset processor 86, but Sis has seen less prominent in this product.

Sis at this time trying to introduce the newest products, but not a chipset for the motherboard. Products introduced here is a SSD storage controller, an LSI made by LinkVast Technologies, which is still a part of the group Sis.

This product, LVT280 and LVT 815 is a controller chip to the standard SSD SATA 3.0 Gbps interface. SSD Controller LinkVast equipped with 16-bit ECC error correction and special algorithms to maximize the security of data stored, and ensure data can be stored for a long time. Two SSD controller supports all memory configuration all Chip SLC and MLC.

Also use additional external memory chip DRAM to buffer data. SSD Controller LVT280 and LVT815 produced with 10 nm manufacturing process.

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