Thursday, March 12, 2009


GYGABYTE EX58-EXTREME-Motherboard Review

GYGABYTE EX58-EXTREMEFor those who need high performance from a motherboard for gaming, you can try Gigabyte EX58-Extreme.

Gigabyte EX58-Extreme using Intel's latest X58 Chipsets. Gigabyte try to give a good Image on this product.

Feature that is integrated inside are Hybrid silent-pipe 2 which is a semi water block cooling technique, but also to integrate discrete heat sinks with extra heat pipes, which of course will further maximize the overall cooling system.

For over clocking, BIOS provide a good tweak. CPU clock rate of 100-1200 Mhz, CPU voltage 0.2-1.9v voltage DDR3 1.3-2.6v Northbridge chipset voltage and 1-2v.

A motherboard that is good for gamer’s maniac.


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