Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kingston HyperX HX4200S2LL/2G

Kingston HyperX HX4200S2LL/2G - Memory Computer Review

Kingston HyperX HX4200S2LL/2GAs a renowned manufacturer of brand Computer's memory, Kingston has just released newest products.

Kingston HyperX HX4200S2LL/2G, intended for those of you who want to improve the performance of your netbook with yag affordable price, Kingston HyperX HX4200S2LL/2G is the answer.

This product is a sales package SO-DIMM,specifically intended for the netbook users still using the 533MHz system bus,
as used in the netbook with Intel Atom processor in the first generation.

Kingston HyperX HX4200S2LL/2G has a latency specification is quite promising, with the ability of setting CL3-3-3-8.

Price also offered Ideal, should be considered if you intend to increase memory capacity on your netbook.

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