Tuesday, March 10, 2009


NIKON D3X-Digital Camera review

nikon d3x digital cameraNikon released the latest SLR digital camera, the Nikon D3X. DSLR for professional-class features of the image sensor and 24.5 Megapixel capable of taking full-resolution burst at up to 5 pictures per second.

Nikon D3X able to photograph with the TIFF format, JPEG and RAW format with kompresi12-bit and 14-bit. pictures of shooting can be saved through the CF memory card. this camera has two CF slots and able to read the image 35 Mb per second.

Nikon D3X ISO range is ISO 100, ISO 1600 and ISO can be developed into 50 and ISO 6400. Nikon claims the ISO 6400 image will appear with no grain or spots.

start-up time for this camera took only 0:12 seconds, Shutter release lag time 0:04 seconds. nikon Apply the Nikon scene recognition system feature on the Nikon D3X to determine the automatic lighting, white balance, auto focus and calculations carefully.

internal database on the Nikon D3X store 30,000 different images, making image selection can be chosen appropriately.

the Nikon D3X autofocus system use the 51 point and have 15 cross-type sensor together with the horizontal sensor 36 to lock the moving object.

3 inch LCD screen provides 920,000 dot resolution and supports Live View feature and a battery capable taking pictures until 4400 with only a one-time battery charging time .

A smart choice for photografer a reliable and professional.

nikon d3x digital camera

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