Monday, April 27, 2009

Microsoft Sidewinders x8-Mouse for Gamers

Microsoft Sidewinders x8-Mouse for Gamers

If you are a gamers and need a Mouse device that can facilitate your needs then Microsoft Sidewinder x8 is the answer.

This mouse comes with BluTrack technology that promises a better accuracy than other optical mouse product.

Microsoft Sidewinders x8 is a wireless mouse with 2.4 GHz radio frequency, the mouse sensitivity can be adjusted from 250 dpi to 400 dpi. The Battery claimed can stand up to 30 hours of active continuously.

In addition BlueTrack technology can detect movement of the mouse as much as 13,000 Frames per second, this product is also equipped with a total of 12 buttons, 7 of which can be programmed according the user needs.

Microsoft Sidewinders x8 equipped with a macro function that can be defined and LCD display to show the dpi settings and macro.

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  1. Waduh kang...

    Bagus banget mousenya..

    Mantep buat Main CS ntuh...


    Maklum maiak game...

  2. wow..
    it's definitely cool...
    but i'm afraid i lose my control n purposelessly i drop away that mouse...

  3. @ My Theory
    That's why I Prefer the old fashioned Mouse, while my desire is willing to have it....

    Kang tatang