Thursday, April 2, 2009

Samsung 1.5TB F2EG EcoGreen- HARD DRIVE REVIEW

Samsung 1.5TB F2EG EcoGreen- Hard Drive Review

Samsung 1.5TB F2EG EcoGreenHard drive with a terabyte of capacity are more offered by the leading manufacturers, besides the greater the capacity, hard drive offers the latest environmentally friendly solutions which makes it an interesting quote.

Samsung 1.5TB F2EG EcoGreen is one of them, with a capacity of 500 GB per platter, Hard Drive then use this only 3 fruit platter, with the implementation of the Eco Technology Triangle, allows the EcoGreen hard drive can save power consumption as much as 40% when idle and save power consumption as much as 45% while active processes read or write.

Samsung 1.5TB F2EG EcoGreen is ideal for PC Desktop, External Hard Driveor on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) in addition to environment-friendly,

Samsung 1.5TB F2EG EcoGreen also already meets the standards of the Restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS)

Samsung 1.5TB F2EG EcoGreen available in 500 Gb, Tb 1, Tb and 1.5, buffer with 16 Mb or 32 Mb, use the SATA interface (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) 3.0 Gbps.


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