Friday, April 17, 2009

AMD ATI FIREPRO V7750 -Video Card Review

FIREPRO V7750 - Video Card Review

FIREPRO V7750 - Video Card ReviewFor all computer users who used to work as professionals, CAD Designer, Animation Maker, Music Engineering, Movie Editor, and others, a Video card in the computer is very important. Required a reliable and good Video card / Graphic Card to support your job.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) introduces their latest video card that claimed to be able to facilitate all the needs of professional computer users needed.

The Product is AMD ATI Firepro V7750, the graphic cards for the high-end Workstation.

This product is equipped with 320 unified stream processing units, which have the ability to accelerate ATI stream application. This capability can utilize GPU idle time to share the work load with the CPU.

AMD ATI Firepro V7750 equipped multiple display port output and dual link DVI output. These output make the product able to display 5000 pixels resolution.

AMD ATI Firepro V7750 video card comes with 1 GB memory, so it able to perform a large data rendering.



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