Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MUSHKIN tuner HP2-6400 4GB DUO - Memory Card - DDR2 RAM Review

MUSHKIN tuner HP2-6400 4GB DUO 
Memory Card - DDR2 RAM Review 

MUSHKIN tuner HP2-6400 4GB DUO
MUSHKIN tuner HP2-6400 4GB DUO comes packaged with a box with a form of packaging such as CD / DDVD Box, but has slots to store the type of RAM DIMM or SODIMM. 

In accordance with the name Memory Card Package consists of two identical products with a capacity of 4GB each. 

MUSHKIN tuner HP2-6400 4GB DUO is equipped with a heatspreader, which is typical of Mushkin, Overclocking for fans of this product should offer the good ability. 

A DDR2 memory which has the capacity and speed that can be relied upon. 

More info @ www.mushkin.com 

Technical Data 
Memory Type DDR2 PC6400


  1. wah..ini informasi yang aku cari selama ini... berarti kompi ku bisa di upgrade dong... makasih banget infonya Kang Tatang..