Monday, April 13, 2009

HP DREAMCOLOR-LCD Computer Monitor Review

Computer Monitor Review

HP Dreamcolor is an LCD screen that claimed as the most cheap LCD Computer monitor for video editor and professionals who work with color.

Monitor HP Dreamcolor is designed with the help of Dreamworks Animation SKG and use the 24 inch LCD panel is rare and can produce 30-bit color and produces more than 1 billion colors.

The ranges on the color of this product 64 times better than a regular LCD and black color has four times in the most LCD’s have this now.

Led Backlight provides a contrast ratio of 1.000:1, and ensures the colors appear very good throughout the area of the screen.

HP has seven Dreamcolor features automatic settings for color, such as the adobe RGB and calibration and software package that can measure the white point and color value of the line for a particular condition.

HP Performance Dreamcolor with reliable response time 6ms gray-to-gray pixels, 12ms time artifact-free playback at a frequency of 50Hz and 60 Hz.

HP Dreamcolor have connectivity such as DVI, Dis-playPort 1.1, HDMI 1.3 and the 4 port USB 2.0