Monday, April 13, 2009

Canon EOS Rebel ZS/1000D Digital Camera

Canon EOS Rebel ZS/1000D

Digital Camera Review

Canon EOS Rebel ZS/1000DThe Canon Digital Camera DSLR, which is much cheaper in price but have professional features, such as Live View, DIGIC III image processor and the memory card slot SD / SDHC.Canon EOS Rebel ZS/1000D comes with 10.8 Mega pixel resolution, CMOS sensor and LCD screen with 2.5 inch width.

This camera can take image as fast as 3 seconds per image and have Seven Auto Focus point. Canon still maintain the specification format image burst depth of large fine JPEG, and have only a slight difference with the previous models.

Canon EOS Rebel ZS/1000D using analog to digital conversion is 12 bits per color, but this camera does not have highlight tone priority feature. Canon EOS Rebel ZS/1000D still use the lighting options Evaluative, center weighted and partial, only spot features removed by Canon.

For you fans of photography, Canon EOS Rebel ZS/1000D can be a solution to have quality camera with a cheaper price in the class.

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