Saturday, April 18, 2009


MSI N285GTX SUPERPIPE - Video Card Review

MSI N285GTX SUPERPIPE - Video Card ReviewDear Readers, this time I bring you MSI N285GTX SUPERPIPE Review, this is a Video card Products from MSI (Micro Star International).

This product is intended for gamers, using the technology SuperPipe and twin Frozr on cooling device.

Superpipe is a heatpipe that come with the size of 8mm and 60% thicker than other heatpipe products.

Superpipe claimed to improve cooling efficiency up to 90%.

Twin Frozr use dual GPU fan to cool down and the other components such as memory, capacitors, and others.

All the Features allows graphic card / video card is able to work on the 648 Mhz core clock and 1 GB memory of GDDR3, working at 2484 Mhz Memory clock and can operate at a stable temperature.

If you are a gamers and requires a good graphics card to support the activities of game you play, the MSI N285GTX SUPERPIPE can be your choice.

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