Monday, April 27, 2009

Product Graphic card series nVIDIA Quadro

Product Graphic card series nVIDIA Quadro

Product Graphic card series nVIDIA Quadro Nvidia Quadro is a GPU (Graphical processing unit) for a Computer workstation among professional workers, who need the performance of graphics intensive.

Some products nVIDIA Quadro series is as follows:

nVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 graphics card series is a high end production and nVIDIA graphic card is the first to workstation computer equipped with 4GB memory, this product offers the performance and capabilities best and allows users to work in the scale and size of the data.

nVIDIA Quadro FX4800 video card is still a series of high end for users who need to work in a multimedia world, especially for 3D animation rendering approach to the real world.

nVIDIA Quadro FX 3800 more concise, is a single graphic card but still have features that has SLI Multi-OS and SDI ability. This product has a high performance and interactive visualization.

nVIDIA Quadro FX1800 offered to middle class segmentation. This product is claimed to have a ratio of price and performance for the best type of graphic card in the computer workstation. With the combination of quality, precision and performance of a graphic card for the computer workstation.

nVIDIA Quadro FX 580 is a solution for entry level, intended for users in industries that use CAD or the Digital Content.

nVIDIA Quadro FX 380 graphics card is a professional with affordable prices and the efficiency of the resource.

Series Video card above is a series nVIDIA Quadro performance that has the ability and the best and customized with the user class.

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