Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HITACHI CP-X2010 projector-Reviews

HITACHI CP-X2010 projector-Reviews 

HITACHI CP-X2010 projector-Reviews
Hitachi Projector announced products with their latest 3LCD technology, the Hitachi CP-X2010. 

This projector features 2200 lumens brightness along with a contrast ratio of 500:1. Hitachi CP-

X2010 Native resolution is 1024x768 pixels with up to 500 hours light life time in Eco mode and 3000 

hours on the standard mode. 

Hitachi CP-X2010 comes with a built-in 16 watt speakers and closed captioning functionality. 

This projector is designed to be used in the classroom or meeting room. By using the Whisper mode, Hitachi CP-X2010 is able to work without sound. Noise generated measuring only 29 dB. This is possible thanks to the use of hybrid filter, the projector is able to survive up to 4000 hours of use. 

Features a button users are able to create shortcut commands on a projector in accordance with the desire. 

For security Hitachi CP-X2010 features the Transition Detector, which will require a password if we move the projector, this product Has a complete Connection, including Composite Component, S-video 

and HDMI port. 

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  1. manteb keknya ni projector...,cmn yg pocket projector tu di indo dah muncul lum ya....?keren tuch dbw kmn mn..

  2. Hi...hi.... ntar dicari Infonya lah :)